ACA Health Insurance: What You Need To Know Beffore 11/15

The Affordable Care Act requires you to have insurance. The enrollment period for the Marketplace begins November 15th and goes until Feb 15, 2015. And while that sounds like you have plenty of time, the headline doesn’t give you all the details.

You must enroll by December 15th if you want your coverage to start January 1st, 2015. Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance Services is highlighting the other key points of enrollment.

There is some talk of automatic enrollment for people who already have marketplace insurance, but folks shouldn’t count on that.

“The Marketplace will enroll you automatically in your 2014 plan or a similar plan. This means that even if you don’t do anything your 2015 coverage will start on January 1, 2015. If we enroll you automatically, one of the following will apply: You’ll be enrolled with the same premium tax credit and other savings you had in 2014. You’ll be enrolled without any premium tax credit or other savings. But not all policies automatically renew.”

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