We Take Charity Seriously

Giving back is one of the most important obligations that any business has to the community it serves.  At Alliance, we strive to make charity one of our biggest priorities.

In fact, it’s one of our Core Values.

“We value generosity and seek to give back to the communities that gave so much to us in our lives.”


One of the ways we try and live a life of charity is by joining local organizations that embody the values we want to put out into the world.  Several of us are members of the following organizations:

United Fund of Surry logo, a charity organization.

Surry Education Foundation logo, an educational charity foundation.

East Surry High School logo.

Cardinal Foundation


Charity Giving

Below you will find some examples of how we seek to help and enrich our friends and neighbors in a multitude of ways.

United Fund Charity Work with East Surry High School

Christopher giving charity to East Surry High students.


Distracted Driving Contest Scholarship

Christopher giving charity check.


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