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Meet your Hotel Insurance Agent, Joe Jessup!

At Alliance, we take your insurance needs seriously. We are an independent insurance agency that shops multiple carriers to find you the best rate in the industry! With the plethora of services we offer, we have specific producers that focus on certain industries. Joe Jessup, a retired United States Air Force Veteran, is our hotel and habitational insurance agent. Visit the video below to get to know him!

Now that you have met our expert, we want to inform you of the basic coverage that you will be dealing with as a hotel owner. It is important to inform our clients about the responsibility they hold as business owners and encourage them to make the best financial decision regarding their insurance coverage. See the video below for more information!

What type of insurance do I need as a hotel owner?

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Our core values revolve around the willingness to simply help others. We are always available to chat about your specific insurance needs, hotel specific or not. If you are wanting more information about the hotel industry or you are wanting to talk to Joe, please fill out the contact form below and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

For immediate assistance, please call or text 336-377-9003 and ask for Joe.

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