Hurricane Safety

Be prepared when a hurricane hits.

We’d like to pretend that a natural disaster will never hit us, but the odds are that one will eventually come our way.  At Alliance, we want you to be as prepared as possible, so we have put together some resources to help you navigate through the many ways a hurricane can make your life difficult


First thing’s first – get ready.

What to do when a storm is coming.

  1. Take pictures!  Make sure you document as much of your home, car, and belongings as possible in case something happens.  That way you will have proof of what you had before a loss occurred.
  2. Gather your tools and put them in one place where they can be reached easily.  You never know when you’ll need to fix something, and you don’t want to have to swim through a flooding basement to get your trusty hammer.
  3. Clean the gutters and downspouts.  You want water to be able to get off of your roof quickly and easily to avoid the damage that pooling water can cause.
  4. Check your roof for leaks, broken shingles and soft spots.  Make sure all leaks are sealed and problems handled before the hurricane hits.
  5. Move lawn and deck furniture, outside decorations, and any other loose items inside to avoid wind damage.
  6. Check to make sure your sump pump or basement drainage is free and clear to maximize water flow in case of flooding.
  7. Move vehicles away from low hanging limbs or leaning trees to avoid damage to your cars and trucks.
  8. Freeze water in case of power loss and to have back up cold water available.

Know your policy.

Whether you have a home or renters policy, know what it does and what it doesn’t do.  Find your copy and have it on hand, as it not only has your deductible and other useful info, but also has your policy number and other helpful data in case you need to contact your insurance company or agent.

Also, please be aware that your homeowners policy does not protect you from flood damage.  While it does protect you from wind damage (though some policies have a separate wind deductible), flood damage is specifically excluded from your policy.  That is why flood insurance is sold separately.

You cannot (usually) add new coverage until the storm has passed.

When natural disasters such as hurricanes happen to a region, state or larger area, insurance companies typically place a moratorium, or hold, on binding new policies in high-risk regions affected.

The biggest way this can interrupt your plans is if you thought you could get flood insurance at the last minute.  The bad news is that you have to wait until the storm has passed and the moratorium is lifted to get a flood policy.

But the good news is this: you can get a flood policy after.  And you absolutely should.

Going through a hurricane is a wake-up moment that shows you the value of a flood policy.  And flood policies are very affordable!  So once the world around you has dried out, contact your agent about flood insurance and find out what it will cost you based on your location.

You’ve had a claim!  Now what?

If you have a claim due to a hurricane, don’t panic.

Follow the advice we’ve given in our blog The Claims Game: How To Win at Losing, and make sure you handle the situation appropriately.

Most importantly, be safe.  Secondly, try and address any issues that could cause further damage to your property.  If there is a tree that has fallen on your house, try and do what you can to make sure it doesn’t continue to crush your roof.

If water has flooded the main floor, take pictures then soak or vacuum as much of the water up as you are able to make sure that you do not experience even more water damage.

Companies expect you to be able to help them minimize damage, and as a responsible home or car owner, you probably want to make sure that the things you love aren’t hurt any more than they already are!

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