Pre-Vacation Planning

As the weather turns warmer and trees begin to blossom, our thoughts begin to wander to vacations. If you are like me I tend to procrastinate making the reservations because of the fear that I might find a better deal or that I will find a destination even more appealing. Travel Insured has some pointers as we begin to do our planning for some rest and relaxation.

Use a travel agent.

Using a travel agent for booking your vacations offers an endless amount of perks. They can often provide advantages such as upgrades and special packages, finding the best possible prices, booking securely and safely, and most importantly saving you the time and stress of trying to coordinate it all alone.

Invest in travel protection.

Make purchasing a travel protection plan a priority on your travel to-do list for each and every planned trip. Factor in the cost of travel protection with every trip so it’s always in your budget. Also, it’s important to consider the cost of a plan compared to the cost of an accident or cancellation losses.

Think outside the box.

While it is easy to get swept up in wanting to visit the world’s most popular tourist locations each and every year, sometimes it’s best to opt for a destination that isn’t at the top of everyone’s list. BY thinking outside of the box, you may be able to score cheaper prices and possibly keep yourself from waiting in long lines and crowded areas by avoiding popular tourist areas.

Start a vacation fund.

Whether it’s a money jar on the kitchen counter, or a separate savings account at your bank, having a special place for putting money towards traveling is a crucial step for starting a vacation fund and most importantly sticking with it. Find small ways to cut back on spending and create a weekly or monthly goal to reach the amount you are aiming for. Remember, every penny counts – you would have over $1,000 saved in a year if you saved just $20 a week!

Learn to unplug.

Put your laptops, tablets, and smartphones down! The whole point of taking a vacation is to unwind, relax, and get away. Let coworkers know you will be heading on vacation, and set your out of office notifications letting individuals know you may not receive their message right away, but will get back to them shortly. If you really can’t unplug during your entire trip, set time limits each day to check emails, voicemail, and social media.

Skip Non-stop Flights

One of the easiest ways to save on travel expenses is by searching for airline tickets that are not non-stop. The more stops it takes to get to your final destination, the less the ticket will cost. If you can afford to lose a few extra hours of time due to travel, then this is one of the best options for saving money during one of the busiest travel seasons of the year.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

When trying to save on travel plans such as airfare, it is also helpful to avoid peak travel times such as Fridays and Sundays. If you can travel mid-week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, there is a greater chance of spending less. It is also helpful to fly very early in the morning or late at night when there are fewer travelers. Always remember that the more flexible you are, the more money you are likely save.

Consider Destinations Out of Season

The prices charged for staying at a certain destination is all about whether or not the location is in or out of season. If you do your research, you can find travel plans marked nearly half the price during their off season time. Ski resorts are popular off season destinations during the summer as well as areas located in the desert or the Caribbean because most people think to plan trips there during the winter season. Be open minded to a location you might not normally think of and you could be saving a huge amount of money!

Research Alternate Accommodations

While you might be tempted to book a stay in a brand new, 5 star hotel when traveling, it is also helpful to be aware that there are many other options available when you are planning a trip. Consider other accommodations such as renting a condo, house, or apartment which can often slash costs and provide you with a larger budget for sightseeing and partaking in different activities during your vacation.

Above all remember to do your research, plan and having a back up plan in case plan A doesn’t work is a great way to not be disappointed when things out of your control happen.


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