Taking Care of Your Vehicle During Winter

Most Americans consider their car part of the family, so much so that 56% of them name their vehicle. It is no surprise that people go to great lengths to ensure their automobiles are always in prime condition. But car washes and waxes aside, what else can you do to prep and maintain your car for the cold weather?


The cold weather can severely impact your car’s performance. So to ensure you don’t get caught out this winter, here are a few essential maintenance tips you should follow.

  • Check your oil. Ensure your oil levels are between the minimum and maximum mark on the dipstick. Low oil levels can lead to breakdowns, and remember, too much oil can be just as harmful as too little.
  • Clean your lights. Your lights will likely attract more dirt during the winter, not least because of gritter trucks spreading salt on the roads. There are several easy ways to clean your headlights.
  • Test the battery. One of the most common causes of roadside breakdowns is a flat battery. Try to change your battery every three years if possible. Symptoms of battery failure include dim headlights, slow crank, and a clicking sound when turning the key.
  • Check your tires. Stopping distances increase in icy, snowy, and wet conditions, so you must check to see if your tires meet the legally required minimum tread depth

Garage Preparation

You can’t bring your vehicle into the house to keep it warm, although some would probably like to, so it’s either going to be kept outside or in a garage. 

If the cold is going to get into your garage, it’s most likely going to be through the door. Inspect the weatherproof stripping around the door to ensure it hasn’t come loose or cracked. 

If your garage is too cold, you can add insulation or maybe change the door for a more modern design if it’s getting old and tired. It’s also essential to protect any pipes in your garage by insulating them to avoid severe damage to your plumbing system. 

You can prevent salt damage to your vehicle by sealing the garage floor and then prolonging the life of the sealant by regularly washing the surface. 

Parking Your Car Outside

If you have no option other than to park your car outside, there are certain things you can do to ensure it’s protected in winter. One is to purchase a car cover to prevent damage to your vehicle from the cold weather. Before making a purchase, consider the kind of climate you live in. This will determine if you need extra features such as reflective strips and door zippers.

Reliable, Whatever the Weather

Although your car should be well maintained throughout the year, it will need even more TLC during the cold weather. If you want to avoid problems with it starting or issues with dirty lights, some of the tips outlined above will ensure your vehicle is always reliable, whatever the weather.When it comes to insuring your car, visit Alliance Insurance Services.

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