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Why Bundle Home and Auto Insurance?

You’ve heard about bundling your home and auto insurance from countless commercials, emails, friends and while deep in stimulating conversation with a hot date (well, maybe not that last one).

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But what is the truth about bundling home and auto?  Does it really save you money?  Is it worth the time?  Is the Progressive Insurance lady lying to us?  WHY WOULD FLO DO THAT?

The answer is yes, bundling really does help save you money.  Flo, bless her sweet white apron, is telling the truth.

And not only that, but it helps you in a couple of other really important ways.  Let’s look at exactly what it does and why you should do it – especially if you already have your home with a company.

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Homeowners Save Time, Effort and MONEY

I’ll get to MONEY in a minute, but first consider this.

If you move your auto insurance to the same company that has your homeowners policy, a couple of things happen.

The first thing is that insurance changes and billing become much simpler.  Any adjustments to your house, your cars, your life, you only have to speak with one insurance agent, and pay one insurance company.  That’s it.

The more your agent deals with you and your property, the better they understand you and can advise you on things like coverage, missing pieces of protection, and how to get more discounts.

All of this saves you time, as you have fewer places to call or visit to deal with insurance related changes or issues.  You have one less company figure out payment plans and schedules with, so that’s a plus.

And, like I said in a blog a while back, you save MONEY.

Companies want to reward loyalty and the additional business so they will give you great discounts to bundle your home and auto insurance together.

10% off of both policies isn’t uncommon, though the exact amount changes with each company.

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you have your homeowners insurance and your auto insurance with different companies or, even worse, different agents, isn’t it time you combined them and saved yourself the hassle – while earning a little green in the process?

Fill out the form (OR CALL US!) and let’s get you a quote for your car.  We will make sure we use the same company as your homeowners policy to get you as many discounts as possible.

And if you don’t have Alliance Insurance as an agent?  That’s ok.  We can write everything once and give you as many discounts as we can find, along with all of the education, special attention, and first-class protection you deserve.

Let’s get started.

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